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If you're going to hurt me,
 Don't take my heart out of my chest. 
 If you leave too, 
Please don't find a way to go back.  

If you want to lie to me,
 I choose not to listen.
 if my dreams fall,
 There will be scars on my soul
 That cannot be erased...

Even if time passes,
Yeah, even if time passes quickly. 

 If you will love someone else, 
Be kind to my heart, 
Don't throw it away, 
Because I will need the love that will remain. 

 If you want to stay with me, 
Don't promise me words 
That will be wiped off,
Also forgotten. 

 If you want to give me love, 
Don't do it just because you're alone.
 I don't want to play,
 I think we can make things work right.

 If you want to let go of my hand, 
Let it go slowly.
if you want, honey, 
You can leave me alone again.


  • Jul 07, 2020

  • Jul 07, 2020

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