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Love, tell me when you will come,
 So that I will not look for you in everyone I meet.
  Honey, tell me you're going to love me too,
 Because I don't want to be deceived again. 

 I will love you to the last tears of blood
 That will fall on your soul, 
And my kiss will erase any trace of your past. 

 Love, come faster, 
It hurts to breathe alone.
 Love, tell me it won't take long
 And you'll come. 

 I will write you thousands of letters,
 I will let them burn in your thoughts, 
To understand what happened to me, 
How long I lived alone.

  Love, tell me when you will come, 
I have been waiting for you for a lifetime, 
A lifetime has passed since then
 And I want to be happy in my last decade.


  • Jul 07, 2020

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