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I am yours as you are mine, 
Two soul mates who share a life.  
I am yours, I will always be there for you,
 Two lovers who are sleeping in each other's arms. 

 You are mine, 
Your tender voice sticks to every part of my soul,
 I am yours, 
My soul belongs to you.  

When you ask me where I am, 
Feel my heart pounding in your chest.
  I am yours and you are mine,
 It will always be like this.  

Lost, it's how I feel when you hold me tightly in your arms
 And I feel every movement of your body, 
Every movement in my chest.

  I look into your eyes 
And they are the mirror 
In which I want to look at myself 
Until the last moment of my life,
Until my last breath...

 I am yours as you are mine, 
Like two drops of tears,
 Running down my cheeks
 When we are separated by time. 

 I am yours as you are mine, 
Two soul mates sharing the same love.


  • Jul 07, 2020

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