Midnight Killers Read Count : 24

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Sub Category : Suspense/Mystery
Thomas came out running towards the forest while the guard's chaced after him by the time he had realized he was too deep in the forest he wondered in circles calling midnight struck and no sign of him two of the guard were passing and heard him calling they alerted the rest they came running and as soon as they were to reach they heard him scream Marcus Thomas's personal guard trusted him self straight for the open patch in the forest by the time he reached he saw Thomas's body on the ground Marcus fell to his knees looking to the skies he glimpsed the wings flying away in a distance crying out as loud as his voice could saying "you will pay for what you did I'll hunt you down and kill you !!!!!!!!"
The guard's searched his body hopping to find something Marcus wondered to him self saying "what do they hope to find on his bloody body."Marcus stood to his feet with tears running down his face he looked towards the body when something glimpsed his eyes he walked towards it it shined brighter and brighter he stoped at the rumble of rockes and stooped down he looked heard and care full at the object and slowly picked it up the surprise shocked his face "what it can't be but how theirs no blood on the ground hear ."looking back on the body on the ground looking from head to toe even though the head was missing he called out to the head guard Patrick he came running he stoped beside marcus and started to talk saying"we already checked the body already the the locket is not their we already checked."thomas pointed his finger onto the body and said "marcus does not wear metal boots and leathers jackets "as soon as patrick was to answer Walter one of the guard's shouted hide the Dragon queen is comming marcus called everyone and hid behind the huge bolder by the cave one of the queens guard's saw them and told her she lookd d over the patch and saw her son's friends body on the ground she shouted loudly "give me back my son and you will pay for killing his best friend I'll destroy you and your kingdom ."she continued her chariot shouting it all the way back to her kingdom the guard's returned to the kingdom of wolves and told the queen and king what had happend to Thomas and that thier is still a chance of him being alive and told tham that the dragon queen is dcalling a war on us for a crime we did not commit the queen started talking "you must save my son and for the queen of dragons I will talk to her don't worry about it I'll try my best and see if you see her son and bring them back at any cause and the thing that took them is a Dragon wolf just wait until she hears this they will be extinct this time."Andrew was called up from the valley of shadows for a mission he knew was going to happen and to stop a war that had to happen the war of dragons and wolves against a whole army of dragonwolves. 

  next chapter on midnight killers a trial of sexualabuse 
                              Done by light wolf 


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