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This dream I can't remember too many details, but I'll give it a shot. In this dream I am with my two guardian angels. My angels stood on either side of me, they was tall, full of white energy, and so strong and beautiful. We had a job to do, so we set off to hell to make a deal with the ruler of hell. I remember this place clearly, for I have been here before. It was dark, underground, caves everywhere, with demons as you call them with children too busying themselves around their homes as we walked to the ruler of hells throne. I stood between my angels and began my pitch to the ruler of hell. What we was talking about you will find out soon evil of the world. I do know that as I walked around hell to make the deal, I saw the popes under a frozen cistern with shock on his face, and many other religious leaders in hell begging to be set free. I have seen in another dream lines of humans with kids (including my sister & dad) being led down a clliff around a mountain and then being forced to jump in volcanic lava. I watched as they all screamed as their skins melted down to their bones and then their eyes popped out and they stopped screaming and was no more. I was shown the last part about my sister cause I wanted to murder her after I found out she really did molest my oldest son. So my Higher Power showed me that to ease my mind and help me not to hurt her or anyone anymore for that matter cause they will pay for their evil ways whether our justice system catches them or not.


  • Natalia Henderson

    Natalia Henderson

    very disturbing.....

    Jul 06, 2020

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