Krampus 2: The Stowaway [18+] (Snippets) Read Count : 24

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Thriller
I heard his angry whispers getting clearer and louder. The only thing I could do was run faster as possible. 
'Oh sorry sir'
'No sorry madam!' 
I recognize that voice..... 

[Coming Soon]

Snippet 2:

Just a little inside, my colonization was worshipping a bitch structure, a vile fucker. I cannot believe how this hatred man works. But I swear I could hear a deep voice, like Krampus. I'm glitching, I must be, I must be hallucinating.
Before I could go and present, I could see horns disappear behind the arena and I panicked. Was that Krampus or Lord Black Peter?

Snippet 3:

My eyes burned as they poured acidic material inside. 
I awoke and saw Nicholas standing intimidatingly.

Snippet 4:
A naked woman ran inside with her boobies cut off, two red craters bleeding to death and I cried and roared and screamed because she was running after me. 

[Don't worry these will be updated soon]


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