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I stayed awake while you slept;  
I've already made your sweet coffee.  

I couldn't sleep, 
Thinking about the day
 When you won't have to leave
 And you'll stay with me. 

 You slept with your head on my shoulder, 
I did not move.
You sleep like an angel;  
I want to protect this love.

 I would like you to feel homey in my arms,
 My fingers will arrange your ruffled hair. 
 My lips will touch your skin, 
Everything will be fine. 

 I miss you,
Even if you are here,
 You are silent,
And I miss you talking to me. 

 Don't go far,
 Don't let the coffee get cold,
 Don't go anywhere, 
Please stay here with me.


  • Jul 06, 2020

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