If I Were Read Count : 40

Category : Poems

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If I were a tree, 
You would be the root.
  If I were a star,
 You would be the moon. 

 If I were an ocean, 
You would be the shell.
 If I were a song, 
You would be the words.  

If I were a movie, 
You would be the actor.
If I were a bird, 
You would be the prison.  

If I were a dance, 
You should be the first step.
If you were a magnet,
 I would be the opposite. 

 If you were a dream,
 I would have my eyes closed.
If you were here,
 I would choose to see you closer.

  If you were a virus, 
I would choose to be infected by you.

 If you were the man we were looking for,
 I would block you in my room.

 But you are the man I fell in love with, 
Falling in love over and over again...


  • Jul 06, 2020

  • Very meaningful and superb! Keep it up ❤️

    Jul 06, 2020

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