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It still hurts,
 It still hurts that I can't see you.  
It still hurts, 
My heart is just an empty space 
Where I throw my despair.  

It still hurts me,
Even though I don't talk to anyone about my pain.
It still hurts, but I know it's not your fault 
That I fall in love. 

It still hurts me, 
I have a lot of words that my mouth
 Doesn't tell you.
 It still hurts me when I know 
We're going in the opposite direction.

it still hurts me,
That everything that happens between us
 Can't be solved.  

It still hurts, 
Maybe worse than it hurt at first.
It still hurts, 
No matter how many times I say no. 

 It still hurts,
 A wound will always remain there, 
My heart still hurts without your love.


  • Jul 05, 2020

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