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Dude's, we all know about energy balance, karma, each negative will create a positive, and vice versa. Well, I'm going to tell you the positive's I got out of the most HORRIFIC experience ever since I died and came back 3 years ago and now am the incarnation of someone's spirit you've all been begging to show you the way and spread truth. My Angels above said they'd have my back and now I realize they do! I'm so excited to come to this realization, that I had to share it with you all. For Starters, before my death I had just found out that bobe infection my doctor here said wasn't his problem, turned to full blown bone cancer, but I had already knew it did because San Francisco told me before them about the infection and what would happen if it didn't get taken care of, and then told me the signs to look for. After my death, I came back Cleansed of cancer and all other Dis-Eases within my entire body, and my blood felt light as if it'd been replaced with refreshing water running through my veins continuously cleansing me. I even got off my pain meds and quit cigarettes, but began again when someone planted the seed in my head and sparked that memory which made me go "Omg I need this, for this" and therefore began the process of dying again. I was sent back to judge, plus to spread truth in hopes of saving all of you. Who called us? You did those who suffer like me cause of man. Anyways, I lost everything, was ostracized, shunned, and had a hate crime pulled on me which literally almost drove me to the point of no return and therefore have been led away from those who saved me again. Most beautiful thing I got from all this horrific shit the religious put me through is that "Yes my ANGELS do have my back" and they ALL pulled together in this town to help me do my best to return to my Father! They took all those kids away I love, yet was toxic to my mental health issues I got from some bad shit in Lake County, they heard my cries and saved my youngest son, and make him stay away cause of what he did, they investigate all my submit tips I do online, and I am determined they will give this town's poor, pet's, tourist, homeowners, businesses, my children and yours the JUSTICE WE ALL DESERVE! THANK YOU DEL NORTE SHERIFF'S, POLICE, MENTAL HEALTH, CORRECTIONAL OFFICER'S & PROBATION for ALL YOU'VE DONE FOR US! BLESSED BE ALL OF YOU ANGELS!!!


  • Harmony Vic

    Harmony Vic

    Please explain

    Jul 06, 2020

  • Tammy Carr

    Tammy Carr

    Read my story Immoralities of Del Norte County. I had a backwoods murder pulled on me by my doctors, told my son was dead when he lives, had people try to murder me, I can't focus much cause of the mental issues it gave me and I am the chosen one sent back by God as you call him to do his bidding.

    Jul 06, 2020

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