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You’re the first person 

who had these feelings,

for me when we first met 

my magnetic field, were 

so strong for you 

Can I notice you had fell in love with me? 

You’re afraid and nervous what I would say to you if you told me how you feel about me, 

you thought I would reject you 

I wish you had courage to just told me, 

you never knew I had the same feelings 

toward you. 

Wouldn’t I told you the feelings I had for you? 

Wish I had courage to told you 

that I had the same feeling as you, 

you never knew my age when I first 

met you, in your eyes I look like 

I’m in my teenager age. 

How did you not knew that about me? 

The day I had met you

I was twenty-three year old, but 

we didn’t knew each other very well, 

gradually look at where we are right now 

we begin to become loving couples. 

How did the magical beginning to happen to us? 

We finally have found each other 

there no other boys will be like you, 

treat me well like a gentleman 

you’re truly the one for me, 

I’ll accept the way you are as a person. 

Why we so compatible with each other? 

You’re the person who have turned 

my life around and change who I am today, 

I can’t imagine without you in my life 

I’ll be stuck in my own dark thoughts it’s hard for me to come out,

from my shell I fall into the dark hole I can’t 

see any sunlight. 

Do you know how much you’re important to me? 

When you appear in my life 

I begin to be a brand-new person, 

you’re a precious gift Jesus giving me 

I finally have found my own true love, 

thanks to the lord give me sunlight 

to my life you’re the bright light to my heart. 

Do you know how much love I giving you? 

I give you all of my love to you, 

I listen to your painful past and all of your problems, I want to be there for you 

when I look all the moment, I was with you,

I realize you gave me a lot of your love to me. 

How much do I love you? 

You’ve balance your life make it equally 

I know that is tiring, 

let yourself drop onto my capable hands 

if you feel like want to cry, 

I’ll give you my shoulder 

I hold you into my arms touch, 

your back softly let all the pressure 

in you float away feel relax and calm 

onto my legs and close your eyes. 

Change the channel in your mind, 

imagine yourself in the quiet beach 

feel the cooling wind on your skin

I’m here for you and always will be, 

feel my touch onto your shoulder 

give you a gentle massage on your heart. 

Sweetie I just want to love you 

let me do what girlfriend should be doing, 

I want you to feel special you’re my precious

thing, I ever wanted honey you’re the wonderful and a loving person I adore the most. 


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