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Hello my dear friend,
I am troubled as I write this,
I dont know how to do this tonight,
I know I have made a mistake,
No,a mistake is an understatement,
What I have done feels like a crime,
I hope you will forgive me for what I have done,
And this is my confession.

I have not been truly honest with you,
I know I should have been a better friend,
And I should have been open with you,
But I felt ashamed to tell you the truth,
I did not know how you would take it if you knew,
And now I know better than hiding it from you.

I was selfish and yet called me your friend,
I was given a gift to share with you,
But I decided to keep it to myself,
A man came into my life one day,
The transformation I saw from that day was tremendous,
He told me He wanted to meet you too,
But I decided to keep this from you,
I did not want to feel awkard telling you about this Man.

I was afraid of telling you I was a Christian,
The world has been judgemental to those who profess the faith,
And I did not want to lose you because of my faith,
But today I have come to realise one thing,
Heaven wont be a paradise without you in it,
So forgive me for not telling you about Jesus sooner.

How many times have we hidden Jesus so that we could be seen as cool?
How many times have we kept quiet about our faith,
So as not to appear too religious,
And let me just ask this once,
How many of your friends know that you are a Christian?

Christ died a public death for us,
But we have lived a private life for Him,
Jesus was put to shame for us,
But we have been ashamed of Him,
Jesus defended me from sin and death,
But when it comes to defending His name,
I turn my back and look away as if I dont know Him.

This is the life of many Christians,
Yet the Bible says in Matthew 10:33,
But whoever disowns me before men, I will disown him before my Father in heaven,
But we have chosen to do just that,
Denying the Eternal Lord so as to be accepted by perishing man.

I think it is time to take a stand,
Be either hot for Him,
Or cold to Him,
And not lukewarm,
I like my tea hot and drinking water cold,
And one last thing as I wind up,
A part-time Christian will never and I repeat again,will never defeat a full-time devil.
What will your choice be?


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