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Scientific materialism couldn't answer this with their experiments and observation. So then, What happens when we die? Do we as the one observing this experience disappear along with our body. In the viewpoint of idealism, mind rather than matter constitutes reality, we actually continue to exist. Even our body as energy changes and do not vanish. An important reliable theory of Consciousness approves that it is not of this world. The logical argument states that our brain with its neural activities acts as an antenna which picks up conscious activities to make sense of the observable world. Understand it this way, this world uses consciousness and do not make consciousness like that of signal of a device of cellphones, television and computers. These hardware ( time-space) processes the software( mental realm). The mechanics don't make the signals that it uses to bring empirical datas but picks it up from the realm of the mind  and registers it to the frequency domain. Meaning without the observer the observed is nothing or there is only something when there is a conscious observer. Our consciousness is not a product of the brain or a matter it can't be explained by any formulas of physics. Other than agreeing that it is the mind or zero and not any dimensional numbers of the observed. So to clarify if is there an afterlife is to say that we ”as the consciousness” is not attached to these matters but we are the mind who is the source of the information of the sensible world. This world can disappear but we can keep on moving or have an infinite number of worlds.


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