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It doesn't matter how many days I have left to live,
 It doesn't matter who has to come in my life.
 You were the first to decide to leave
 And I had to get used to the pain. 

 It doesn't matter if I'm well or not, 
I always think of you.
We could be together,
 But it's over early.  

It doesn't even matter if you come back,
 I don't want to lose you again.
 It could be different,
But it was bad to live without you. 

 It doesn't matter how many hours of loneliness I have left, 
Your image always haunts my thoughts, 
It doesn't matter if I will be well until the end, 
I am sick in your absence. 

 I had to go far, too far for you to find me,
 The thought that I will not live forever, 
Makes me hope that I will meet you
 In another life, and there we can be together.


  • Jul 05, 2020

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