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Give me the love you never used, 
Give me the kiss that leaves me breathless. 
 Give me back the time we were both happy, 
Give me back our memories. 

 Give me the promises you didn't fulfill, 
Give me time to believe you again.
 Tell me what you want to happen now, 
Tell me something about your desires.  

Give me the time you said you didn't have for me,
 Give me the hug you needed to be whole again; 
 As you were in the beginning, 
When we met for the first time.

Give me the answers to the questions 
That do not let me sleep.
Give me your hand to support my weaknesses,
 When I grow old. 

 Give me sincere words, 
Without having to lie to me again.
Give me your whole love,
 To be able to trust you again.


  • Jul 05, 2020

  • Jul 06, 2020

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