REVENGE OF THE DARK KNIGHT (Book#1 Chapter#17) Read Count : 47

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Sub Category : Fantasy
Balvin do his job as a king fare and squre like King Helorrx. After took up the charge as a king of Zakandlas Balvin went to his Master. He trained him self so hardly there in his master observation. He do it for 5 years. And Electra couldn't forgot Helorrx she always went to the grave of Helorrx and remembered all the things all the movements in which they were togather. And at least Balvin got rready to took his revenge took the revenge of Electra took the revenge of Zakandlas and for took the revenge of Dark Knight. He rearranged his army ,pilots ,wepons and knights solders. Then he said in loud voice "Knights! I just want to say one thing. Anything will happens there we will killed that beast who killed our King our commander and our inocent people. If we will die we become a great story for our next generations. We will live for ever. Many of us will born and kill every Hatrex. Now we have this honor to eliminate that beast. So knights get ready to fight!!!" After this motivational speach all Knights said in loud voice "Hail to the king........!" After this Balvin went to Queen Electra and Della and said "My queen give me permission. I am going for my biggest battle and i think last too" Then Electra replied "My son don't be afraid i know Hatrex is a great knight of Zakandlas but you are not only Commander Balvin you the Dark knight too the God of Lightning! Now go and conquer the Flamea."  Then Della said "I will go with you" Balvin replied "No i don't want that he hurts you" Then Della replied "Look Hatrex is the God of all magicians and i know how to make his magic useless. So no question my king i an going with you" After this Balvin said "Ok you are right" Then all the knights fighter planes and army moved towards Flamea. After 2 hours they reached at the Flamea. But then so many magicians knights demons coming towards them. Then both armies stopped. A strange silence widely spreaded. Then Hatrex came out and stand in front of Balvin and said "What do you think you can kill me no one can do this many tried and failed and now you cannot become Dark Knight remembered. And if you can't became Dark Knight you can't lift up Lightning Blade. Now you are nothing! I will kill you just like your father and mother. And Helorrx can't save you now!" Balvin remembered every thing that Hatrex do with all people who he loved. He putted out his might shield that is gifted him by King and  Queen. He through it towards Hatrex. Hatrex fell back with a bang.Then that shield came back in the hand of Balvin. And then he said "You can defeat Dark Knight but you can't defeat Balvin i will give you a painful death and it will keep remember in next 100 years! Then both ordered their armies for starting the war. Both armies started war.



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