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      People that I called
Walked out on me
God I got nobody,
all I got is you..
so God...
please dont leave.
Cause in this storm,
the devil is attacking me.
God please hold me..
Dont loose my hand
Cause I
CAN'T live without
I WONT!!!!!!


YOU AGAIN.......
knocking on my door.
Depression you here to hurt me some more? got no where else to go? I was scared you would take over me. You did. No prescription can get rid of you. You knocked me down mentally. Thanks for keeping me up at night. Cant sleep you got the worst of me. The pain its cuts me so fuckn deep I'm so tired. Please I'm hoping and praying I will leave this world and find peace. You need to leave. Not me.

No one cares if I'm dead or alive. I've got no friends.
Can u imagine being 5 and wanting to die?? I just hurt so much I'd rather be flying high. Everyone says I'm delusional. I guess they wont see the real me until they have to bury me.

You see a shooting star?make a wish for me. Going thru alot and its hitting me. I break my bones for everyone I love. Somehow they are never there for me
It's like they ain't hearing me. They tell me to open up to talk.. really you all are not ready for it. You have not seen pain like this. You never seen a BITCH as strong as this.

Why do we love the things that hurt us. Why do we close our eyes when we pray? Or when we cry? Guess it is because the most beautiful soul most beautiful things in life are not seen. But are felt with our hearts.

Trying to be strong for my love of my life. I'm losing my mind . Losing myself in this battle called **LIFE**, what helps me is when I feel like I wanna die I just cry. Feel like it's to hard to take. Time to FAKE. No one will know. They all got places to go. Now it's my turn to hide and be no more

What if I told you I cry myself to sleep every night cause thats when my demons love to fight. What if I said I want to take my own life nothing I ever do or say or have or had matters. They say god protects you and this is just a milestone. This is a test from the devil. You will get past this level only he can make u successful. 


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    Jul 05, 2020

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