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Know how all you people are doing this B.S. about "Black Lives Matter?" Well, let me give you a little history on who truly enslaved you all and formed your suffering within you.  It was the religious who came from Britain,who overtook this country from the Natives of this land, forced them to stop practicing their ways, and beliefs, forced them to change their names to white man names, then they went about enslaving them and all of you to help build up this country into what they believe it should be. So tell me, who are those "Elites" who are destroying our country and the world around us? American Religious. So instead of taking it out on our cops, the government, etc.. Why don't you take it out on those who truly enslaved us all? Did you know the religious are still slave owners? All you who volunteer for their cause and overworked are FREE SLAVES and they ENTICE you by making you BELIEVE their CAUSE is good. So yeah! Quit going to church, quit letting them control you all, quit letting them form your belief's. Your not crazy just cause you see ghost, telepathic, have esp, etc... Wake up PLEASE and SAVE YOURSELVES! They are about to take away our FREEDOM of Press, Speech and Religion if you don't! It's their way of PUNISHING us who they LED AWAY with their lies because we saw it with our own eyes how evil they truly were and started spreading truth, exposing their crimes against us all growing up. Blessed Be


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