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I was a game you won, 
And now I have to learn to live without you.

  You are a dream that wanders
 Through my thoughts. 
I asked you to stay,
But you chose instead to break my life.  

Bloody days, 
Wasting hours in libraries, 
Looking for information 
On how I could forget about you, baby. 

 I was a kiss you gave without feelings, 
And I'm the naive one who thought,
It wouldn't end that evening,
And you can give me love.

Tell me how to live without you, 
When I close my eyes,
 You are still here,
 I feel you among my touch.

  Teach me how to forget you, baby. 
 When my empty room
 Shouts your name
 To come back here; 
Come back to me.

Tell me it was a nightmare
 And you will stay here,
 Close to my chest.
For the rest of your evenings. 


  • Jul 05, 2020

  • Jul 05, 2020

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