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I can see you, girl.  
When the world is too small for your dreams, 
You cram them into your red suitcase.  

I see you, girl.  
When everyone is talking to you, 
You look away
 And you don't listen their words.

 I saw you, girl. 
 And since I saw your face, 
I have fallen in love with your smile, 
With your beautiful smile many times. 

 I'll see you, girl.
  I'll see how you become who you want to be,
 I'll be there,
 And I'll be happy for you. 

 I can see your face, 
I only see you, 
When you are around me,
 My heart beats intensely.  

I would love to see you, girl, 
Running in my arms.  
One day, girl, 
I'll see you again...
But my pretty girl,
Maybe I'll be too old, 
To remember something about me. 


  • Jul 05, 2020

  • Jul 05, 2020

  • That was so beautiful. I love it

    Jul 05, 2020

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