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I dream about a love that can last forever.  
A kind of love that is not a passing desire.  
My feelings now are the fire, 
That could burn inside your body.  

I dream about a love that leaves me breathless
 When I touch it and it touches me, 
To be able to feel thousands of feelings 
Placed in different places.

I dream about a kiss 
That touches my hot blood through your veins.
A type of kiss that never ends,
 After the lips are removed from the mouth.  

I need two strong arms that push me
 And let me fall into the darkness, 
Then lift me up and wipe away
 My traces of sadness. 

 Hand in hand, 
Our hands going in the same direction.
As you said,
 Our hearts are two flames that burn incessantly.


  • Jul 05, 2020

  • Jul 05, 2020

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