Miraculous Klix Fanfic. Meet There Future Kid. Read Count : 17

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So LB and CN just done fighting supervillans.

"Pound it.", they both said.

Suddenly a flash of ligt appears from the sky LB and CN grab there weapon to get ready and fight then a girl comes down in a monkey suit.

"Woah put the weapons down please.", the girl said.

"Who are you?", LB asked.

"First put down the weapons. Second I'm from the future and the names Lily." she said.

"Ok but how did you get here?" CN asked.

" I was just helping the future LB and CN fight a villian then suddenly I was here." Lily said.

" Who are the future LB and CN." CN asked.

" Not you guys that's all I can tell you." Lily told them.

" Well is there anywhere you want to go?", CN and LB asked.

" Acutally do you think you can take me to my mama or papa's house?" Lily asked.

" Well what are their names?" LB asked.

"Alix Kubdel and Kim Lê Chiên." she said.

"Ok um... I'll take you to Alix." LB said.

"Ok race you there." lily said.

"You know I'm starting to see how you and kim are related." LB said sarcasticly.

So at Alix's house LB knocked on her window luckily she was up.

" Hey LB." alix said.

" So um... your future um... how do i put this without shocking you even more than you will be." LB said.

" OMG LB! Hey mama I'm Lily Lê Chiên your future daughter." lily said.

Alix Narrating.
Wait her last name.... WAIT I HAVE A KID WITH KIM IN THE FUTURE.

" So your mine and kim's future daughter!?" Alix asked.

" Yep." Lily said.

"Oh....Ok." Alix said.

Lily narrating.
See i knew my mama would take it well.

" See LB i knew she'd take it well." Lily said.

"Um... look behind you." LB said.

So my mama actually fainted on to a pile of blankets.🙊

So this is it for part 1 but look out for part 2 coming soon.


  • Jul 05, 2020

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