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The midsummer heat rushed over the hills like a heard of bulls towards the forest and the flowers in the gorden coloured the yard like a painting. 
                 The door started to open screeching my name cccaaaarrrrrrllllaaaa I looked around with a sudden fare on my face fear trembling down my spine like a rabbit down a hole my eyes stared at the door while a foot poked around the door my scales stated to cover my body, my eyes started changing colour and my fingers turning into claws by the time in was done changing my mom poked her head through the door.        
"Carla change back this instant so we can talk without you burning down the place."
 I changed back and stood by the window by the time miss Martha was to look I closed it and said to my mom.                                          "you scared me that's why I changed and that was close with martha she nearly saw us now what were you so ever to talk about "she looked around my room and said 
"You seriously need to clean the cobwebs out of your room they give me the crepes and your brother just sent two plane tickets for us to come and live with him in grimgale valley."
I liked at her the thrill of adventurers on my face the thoughts running in my mind like a 18 hundred metre race she just stood thier looking at me with the look on her face that said say no and you will regret it for the rest of your life but if you say yes we can go shopping I wanted to say no but the thoughts of adventures just keep on running through my head 
"fine I'll go and my room is perfect I like it its pail and old just the way I like it."
 She smiled and turned around and walked through the door and closed it I turned around and opened the window and miss Martha was still watering her garden and looking at my window I walked through the door and looking at the pictures of us in grimgale city over the last 15 years . by the time I reached the end of the hall mom poked around the corner looking me in my eye  with her bags in her hand. 
"Where is your bags we have to get to the airport in the next  fifteen minutes ".
dy the time I was to answer a group men kicked open the door and came in with gun .
"hands up and don't try any thing ."
they handcuffed my mom and took her away with them by the time I reached out side they already drove off I managed to get the lisen plate number .
miss marhta was looking through her kitchen window with the phone in her hand trembling her eyes turned black and she changed in all my life I had never seen a black witch no one had for years now she walked out of the house and stoped on her lawn by her garden I could hear her calling my name in her head .
"Carla ,carla come the journey awaits time is at hand and you are not ready for the troubles ahead let me teach you carla come quickly before they come back for you come Carla come "I walked slowly towards her trying to change but nothing the closer u gat the Hardee it became it was like she kept me from changing I stoped beside her and asked her why I could not change she started to talk in the witches language "Where a young Dragon goes so does distraction and where a adult Dragon goes they are followed and distroction is of all things that are wild your mother I tamed by your father so you are made of two kind you are both witch and Dragon you must learn to control both sides we start tomorrow and no changing into a dragon in my gorden it is forbidden now go and sleep in your house and come back tomorrow". 


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