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When you feel lonely and abandoned, 
Call me, even if it's midnight. 
 I can't solve your problems, 
But you can hide them in a hug.  

When you feel alone, 
Let me be your best company,
To dry your tears with the hand
 That will caress your face
 After I kiss your forehead.  

When you feel alone, 
Let me be by your side.
 When you feel alone, 
I am as alone as you. 

 When you feel alone, 
Take my hand and put it over your heart, 
To feel your heartbeat 
While I'm crying your bitter tears. 

 When you feel alone,
 Let me get you out of loneliness, 
Lose your soul in my arms
 And forget about the rest of the world.  

When you feel alone,
 Let me sing in your ear.
I will not leave you alone, 
Close your eyes and let yourself fly. 

 When you feel alone, 
Alone in front of everyone, 
Let me be close to you,
 To take your pain away.


  • Jul 04, 2020

  • Jul 04, 2020

  • Jul 04, 2020

  • Light Wolf

    Light Wolf

    chared me right up

    Jul 04, 2020

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