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Open your mouth and tell me 
The things you are afraid of.  
Open your soul 
And put your worries aside. 

 I know it's not easy for you, 
You think you'll be hurt again.
  I want to know your needs,
 I'm here to fill you with love. 

 Open your heart and set your love free, 
Nothing wrong will happen to us.  
Open your arms and receive me on your chest,
 Let me be part of your breath.  

Open your mind,
 Let me read the thoughts you never talk about, 
I want to know everything
 That happens in your life. 

 Open your eyes and look at me without fear, 
I am here to offer you security.  
Open up and let me touch 
Every cell of your wonderful soul, 
I am here to give you all the love you deserve.


  • Jul 04, 2020

  • Jul 04, 2020

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