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As I clear my mind 
As I sit in pure darkness and silence 
as I sip on this clear gin of mine

As I let go of all this pain 
that frustrates me in vain
I can’t begin to think of what to do that keeps me awake
I can’t help but feel the numbness all over again

What to do about you 
What to believe if what you say is true 
can I ever really trust you or the words you say
I don’t know how to feel 
How am I suppose to heal
when all I feel is heart ach and pain

I’m done with the games 
no more of this 
no more of that 
as of matter of fact 
Cancel all of that 

I know I will never have you 
but I want you too know 
that I do and always will love you
Some times it feels like goodbye
Half the time I just break down and cry
I try to hide how I feel

I know you will never understand me 
Or get me like others may do
But just know I just want the best for you.

©️ Author Patricia Canazas


  • Jul 04, 2020

  • Kendall Family

    Kendall Family

    please read my book called the dark curse last warrior

    Jul 04, 2020

  • Jul 04, 2020

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