REVENGE OF THE DARK KNIGHT (Book#1 Chapter#16) Read Count : 46

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Fantasy
After this Balvin yelled "Noooooo!" He ran towards King but Hatrex hit him with a big majical hand and picked him up. Balvin tried so much to escape from his hand but he can't. Then Hatrex told him the real truth. He said "Do you really think Helorrx can kill anyone without any reson? I made him to do this. Your father was the commander of Zakandlas army and he was intelligent brave tougher then you. And just like you he always made hurdles in my way. I tried so many timesto kill him but he always got back. He was a true king but i am better then that rat. So i made a plan and  made him a fake killer and told this to King with fake avidances. King took 1 hour and ordered me to kill your father. And then i took a big bunch of solders for killing your father but he killed my all solders thrn after a great and long fight your fathrr and me got so eeak and injured. Then i don't know who told the King about the fake news. He came there and tried to stop me but i ignored him. And kill your father with my magical staff. And from that time King Helorrx made him guilty and took you. Just like your father King ignored me and saw a true king. But now i killed the King and i would be the King of Zakandlas and now i gonna kill you too like your father!" Hatrex lifted up his staff in the sky to kill Balvin but Helorrx stood up in his last breathes and through his fire trident towards Hatrex with his full strength. Hatrex fell so far. And then Helorrx sat on his knees by holding his Blazing Blade. Balvin ran towards him. Then Helorrx said "I am so sorry about your father but for now u have to go back because Hatrex is the not only a magician he is the greatest knight i ever seen. If he kills you no one can save Zakandlas and for the arrival of Red Knight spirit of Dark Night must be alive. So go back and come back for the glory of Zakandlas and for Flamea! And one more thing there are so many secrets of Zakandlas. I hide them in the basement of castel. Now go!" Balvin tried to refuse this many times but Hatrex came there and said "oh now you will kill your dearest worrier so sad" Then Helorrx said " It was my mistake to give you life and honor now i gonna fix my mistake" Then Helorrx spined his trident and transfered his all power in it and hited it on the ground which made a big visport of fire. Hatrex cannot bear it. His one arm got burned and he have to ran away. Balvin survived and when he stood up he saw King was dead. He cryed so much. His roar was painful and long. After this he took his dead body and  to the Knightarea. A lightning strom of  revenge started in his heart. When Electra saw his husband she cried so much. Then Price Atlan woke up and cried too. Then Balvin picked him up and said "I will take care you just like your father. No one can dare to touch you you will kill that beast!" Then after 1 year Balvin took the charge as a King of Zakandlas 


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