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When the sun rises from the sky,
 I see you running like a lure... towards me.  

Empty bottle of red wine,
 You in my arms again,
When the night darkens the sky, 
You descend over my mouth.  

When the moon paints the stars yellow, 
I feel your kiss sliding over my shoulder.
 I would like to take me slowly, 
Please do not let me down now.  

When your clothes leave your body 
And my mind goes crazy, 
Your voice is the sound of a violin
 Mixed with the sound of the seabirds. 

 I want to get drunk with your love, 
When the sun comes up again.
To lose you in my arms
And after that, 
To find you close to my chest.  

When the light breaks the darkness, 
And the sun whispers to the moon to rest,
 I want you to be here...
To read stories through your wonderful words.

 When the sky is left alone,
 With clouds over it.
I can feel your heart rushing,
Rushing to my heartbeat.


  • Jul 04, 2020

  • Jul 04, 2020

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