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When I see you,
 I can hardly control my emotions. 
 When I'm close to you,
 I'd like to kiss you.

  When you leave, 
I'd like to tell you everything I feel, 
But I'm stuck
 And I can't talk to you.  

When you hug me,
 I would like it to last forever.
I am like a shadow that follows
 Your steps around me.  

When I talk to you, 
I feel like everyone is listening to us.
I want to say something, 
But your look leaves deep traces in my heart.  

When you tell me to take care of myself, 
I forget that I exist, 
I would like to protect your soul
Into my warm arms.  

When I'm next to you,
 I'd like both of us to be a drop of dew, 
Glued together, 
Inseparable from someone.

  When I see you, 
New feelings appear, 
When I see you,
I can't stay away from you.


  • Jul 04, 2020

  • Jul 04, 2020

  • Jul 04, 2020

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    Jul 04, 2020

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