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It has been such a long time for us.... 
this cycle, 
the circle of joy, 
of pain. 

Missing you, 
hurting myself.... 
needing your heart, 
craving your mind... 
drowning myself. 

Often I feel it is your fingers on my pulsing neck, 
other times, 
I know it is my own hands squeezing....
applying a pressure that no words can describe, 
that no stars can explain, 
that no universe can halt, 
no black hole can swallow this pain. 

A pain that is sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter, 
sometimes pleasurable, 
quite oftentimes, 
it actually feels like love to me. 

For what is Love to a girl like me?

Love is your eyes in my mind in every waking hour. 
Love is the pressure of your hands in my dark dreams. 
Love is the pain when I feel them not. 
Love is the image of the contours of your face, of your body.... 
tattooed in my veins, 
never to leave my poetic mind. 

And Love is your words that live eternally inside me, 
in my blood, 
caressing my bones and stitching themselves into every part of my eternal Soul. 

Love is.... what you make me.


  • Jul 03, 2020

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    Jul 03, 2020

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    Jul 04, 2020

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