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I was passing by a tree on a sunny but windy afternoon today and noticed that it had a noticeably broken branch hanging straight down. I’m guessing it was from the current weather, and that the proprietor of the home to which it corresponds hadn’t noticed it just yet, otherwise it would have likely been trimmed. It wasn’t the only branch of the tree, of course; it was merely one of countless other branches reaching out for light in every possible direction. So in perspective, it wasn’t really an earth-shattering occurrence, as much as it was a temporary setback. 

It made me think about how often we as individuals will branch out with our endeavors to secure a job or career, reach out to feel what is possible in a relationship or friendship, or simply expanding our comfort zones by trying new things. Clearly, not every effort to branch out with these things is met with a clear sky and sunshine. Often when we reach out, we are met with hostile windy rejection, insensitive passers-by, or others whipping by on their way; each of which have the potential to break our branches. 

While it is of course not a fatal blow in each case, it can be a painful one. As time heals our wounds, however, it is good to put our broken branches into perspective. 

Branching out in all directions is good, because otherwise we wouldn’t know if success was possible. It is still important to reach out, even if it results in losing a few leaves or a broken limb. We learn through experience, as do the trees, what directions work best for us. 

Like trees, we cannot afford to stop branching out. A tree depends upon branches for growth, sustenance and energy, and we aren’t all that different either. 

Remember when experiencing life’s injuries, it’s not usually a fatal blow, rather it is a learning experience. It is still important nonetheless to branch out.

A tree never compares itself to others. It doesn't wish its branches were shorter, its trunk was thinner, or its leaves were a different colour. 

It never complains about its environment. Instead it bends with the wind. It makes the best of the soil and water it is given. 

A tree never questions itself. 
"Should I have grown left instead of right?"
"I swear I should be taller by now."
A tree knows that everything is exactly as it should be. It trusts the intelligence of the higher order. 

No time or energy to waste, it is too busy expanding, growing, reaching ever closer toward the sun. 

No matter how much resistance it encounters, a tree continues to grow. It knows no other way.


  • Jul 03, 2020

  • Jul 03, 2020

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