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The three legends Ash Misty and Brock are the heroes of kanto region 
They fight against team rocket James and Jessy are the members and the evil team also have a pokemon meowth they always say a rubbish dialogue james has a pokemon which releases gas from his mouth anf jessy has a pokemon a ekans these 2are very dangerous but not for our legends Ash Misty and Brock this is the description

Once ash wake up and her mother said that tou have to go to the journey of becoming pokemon master ash hugged his mother and he was very excited to go to the journey and as we know before joining the journey the trainers have to choose their pokemon first .
The trainers are excited all the trainers haf slept early but our ash do not sleep in excitement and slept very late in the night when he opened
his eyes he saw its very late to choose his pokemon then he gone to the lab of professor oak but opps!
All the trainers have choosed their pokemon and left for the journey 
Ash is disappointed and moving forward but then professor said hey! I have a pokemon yet ash smiled and said what! It's it's very good then our legend ash got it's starter pokemon pikachu and started his journey but pikachu is very strong it's not easy to handle pikachu pikachu gave ash too 
much shocks but are legend is not less than pikachu he is more stronger yeah! He controlled pikachu after a long time when spearow attacked on them pikachu saved ash and they become best friends our pikachu is too much strong my friends he stopped fifty too forty spearows at a time but a spearow got the shock too heavily that it was burniburning in the fire of jealousy after sometime ash and pikachu waked up and looked towards the sky and they saw ho-oh that is legendarybird Pokemon then pikachu fainted and ash get worried about pikachu and they gon to pokecenter .

This is the first part of kanto region story if you want to read the second part it will come on 03-August-2020


  • please read my book pokemon kanto part 1

    Jul 03, 2020

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