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As Sythearyn sat beneath the pale moonlight, his mind wander the corridors of his memories. Some memories he had locked away and hidden the keys. Others where wide open. Though as he walks by one particular door, he storps and remorsefully lays it door isn't like the others, it's covered in rust, grime, and a sense of great pain. He runs his hand across the door. "I'm sorry, it won't happen again", he pats the door and wipes the tears from his eyes, before being jolted awake from his trance by a bolt of thunder in the distance. "The clouds are gathering towards a storm, better find cover for the night". Syaethryn dips his hands in the river, splashes his face, and stands up. He makes his way to the nearby town, but stops when his eyes set upon a group of men harassing a young woman. He pauses thinking if he should step in and help her. He looks up from his thoughts and the girl's eyes catch his. Her eyes are full of tears and fear, conveyed in them, is a plead for help from anyone. That was all he needed to intervene. "Exuse me gentlemen, but would you please let my friend and I be on our way please?" he steps in between the group and in front of the girl. The men laugh, then the leader puffs his chest out, "Your friend you say? Looks like to me you just got here. Listen bub, this girl is mine, I run this town, get lost now", he snarls at Syaethryn. Syaethryn shakes his head and raises his hand, clasping it into a fist. "You don't get it do you? I'm telling you nicely to leave her alone". The ringleader let's out a deep laugh, "Or what, you going to stop us by force?" his goonies chuckle as he throws a punch at Syaethryn. Sighing, he ducks under the punch as it lands on the goon to his left. "Yes, that's exactly what I'm going to do". Syaethryn sweeps the leader's legs, knocking him to the ground, then blocks a blow from behind him, twisteing the goon's hand, he throws him over his back into the river. Syaethryn then turns to face tge other two, dashing at them, landing blows to their gut, as they reel back in pain, the sends one of their chins into his knee, followed by the other's back into a tree, he then walks back to the boss, "Well, Mr. Big guy, you still think she's yours?". The boss sits up, glares at Syaethryn, and shakes his head. Syaethryn, punches the boss in the face, breaking his nose, "I didn't think so, we're leaving now" Syaethryn takes the girl's hand and they walk to the gates. "Listen, sir, thank you for helping me back there", she bows as she thanks him. Syaethryn takes her to her home, "There's no need to thank me", he than bows and fades into the night. 


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    Jul 03, 2020

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