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This poem is dedicated to my dearest daddy! #luvya❤️

He works with a sheer determination,

A lot of dedication and perseverance,

With no procrastination over and over,

Around some kiddish things, he hover.

He is seriously assiduous and motivated,

A lot of jubilant and zesty,😊

Completely ablaze to ameliorate,

His child's lost pitiful fate.

For difficult times, he's jubilant,

For happy times, he's joyful,

For caring times, he's responsible,

For hurting times, Oh! He's feeble.🙁

My only requirement is his presence,

His care, his love💗, his knowledge,🤓

My world exists in his joy,

The happiness and cheer of this boy!!
-Lavnoor kaur


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    Jul 03, 2020

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