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The loneliness creeps into her mind sweeps across her
Needing human interaction a gentle smile a friendly gesture
wanting desire
the slightest touch
 A simple embrace

Tears dripping down her face from the silent cries as she clutches her blanket to her chest in the darkness of the night
She felt as if she was drowning inside of emptiness
She is losing control and losing herself in disheartenment.
She feels she has no self-worth
She had been broken down into misery and loneliness
No real connections, no one to really run to for comfort and guidance. She feels alone and scared of everything.

Anxious of something she does not know
Scared of something unreachable in her mind
Pain deeply imbedded inside her heart
Walls need to be carefully dismantled with great love and acceptance.
Speaking every single thought
No holding back
No judgment
Sadness behind her eyes
Self hate controls her
She had been sitting here trying to articulate her thoughts into words
The torment that's been done to her is enormous
The parties involved have no clue how much anguish she is in
She opened up and was at her most vulnerable of moments
To be used the way she was - just to be cast aside, ignored, even abandoned  has made her feel that she is inadequate and worthless in every way.

 The lesson to take away from this experience is don't love more than what is given to you  


  • Jul 03, 2020

  • Jul 03, 2020

  • Lovely.

    Jul 03, 2020

  • Jul 05, 2020

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