Your Kiss Sounds Like A Song Read Count : 52

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Your kiss sounds like a song in my heart, 
And when it's over I listen to it again. 
 Your lips fall like wet sand on the beach, 
The sunrise will catch us
 Swimming together in the same rhyme.  

The violin seeks your hands
 To draw the map of the world
 In which we fall wandering empty, 
Searching for our son.  

My heart fills your heart with love, 
And your dreams clothe my great desires.
  Your fingers dance with my whole body,
 Among the people who go in a hurry
 To drink their coffee in the morning.  

We move like the sea breeze across the ocean,
 One step back and three steps forward, 
Dancing like vampires
 When the moon breaks the night.


  • Jul 03, 2020

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