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When you left, you told me
 I would forget about you quickly, 
But the years passed and time 
Could not erase you.

  When you left you told me 
I would forget your name quickly, 
But time has passed
 And I still wear your name
 Every time someone asks me
 About my passion for you.  

 When you left you told me
 I would find someone else quickly, 
But you don't even know
 That I haven't kissed anyone
 In the way I kissed you before. 

 When you left you told me
 I would find someone better, 
But you didn't even know 
You were everything I was looking for.  

When you left me, 
You made a mistake,
 A thousand years can pass over us, 
I will never forget you, my love.


  • Jul 03, 2020

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