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You are merciless
At the core of my heart you've dipped a machete
I welcomed you with uttermost love
I shared all my happiness and sorrows with you,
But here you are bidding farewell,
"Until we meet next year."
Which next year?

Don't you realise I was getting more comfortable in your company?
 My smile was still fresh,yet you snatched it away
How could you be so heartless?
You are telling me to open my heart to the next lover!
How am I supposed to when you are the only love I know?

As stone cold as you were from the outside,fire was lit from inside.
You gave me every reason to smile and to progress
From the very first sight I knew you were the one
It's hard to swallow 
But I cannot guarantee that I will love the next lover as I did to you.
I still cannot believe that the one I loved has back stabbed me.

Anyway it is what it is
Farewell my love,until we meet next year at the same time,same place
Do remember to keep my heart safe
In pain I lay me down to sleep


  • Jul 02, 2020

  • Jul 02, 2020

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