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If you or your loved one is battling drug or substance abuse, you should seek help from a reliable Oregon drug rehab. You will find expert clinicians dedicated to an individualized approach to your care, and gender-specific drug rehab programming. Your alcohol and drug rehabilitation programming and services will combine the latest advancements in evidence-based therapies with Twelve Step traditions and fellowship. And, because drug addiction habitually comes with complicated, co-occurring mental health disorders related to depression, anxiety, or trauma, your substance abuse addiction treatment plan will integrate care for co-occurring conditions, if needed.

Drug rehab in Oregon offers Addiction treatment programs and related services. These services include detox, inpatient and outpatient rehab options, post-treatment groups, animal-assisted programming, and recovery support, and family education.
Addiction treatment centers in Oregon
Inpatient Drug Rehab
Inpatient Oregon drug rehab facilities offer addiction treatment through an interdisciplinary care team, all of whom are licensed in their field of practice. The goal of inpatient treatment is to stabilize your health and equip you with the knowledge and skills you require to find lasting freedom from drug addiction. Your pace through our inpatient addiction treatment program will not be identical to those around you. While there are common milestones in healing from addiction, the utmost effective treatment path for you is your own—based on your specific challenges, circumstances, and needs.
inpatient Oregon drug rehab approach to substance abuse incorporates the following components:
• Gender-specific programming
• Individual therapy
• Group therapy
• Educational presentations
• Medical care for initial detoxification services and ongoing medical needs 
• Integrated mental health treatment services for co-occurring disorders, with care provided by psychiatrists and other licensed professionals
• Twelve-Step Facilitation therapy
• Special-focus groups
• Wellness and recreational activities at our on-site gym
• Animal-assisted programming
• Spiritual care services
We offer specialty inpatient programs designed to address treatment and recovery risks and challenges specific to certain populations.

Addiction treatment for professionals
 The very strengths professionals have—caretaking, problem-solving, and perfectionism—can be stumbling blocks to recovery from addiction. Peer support, shame reduction, and return-to-practice readiness are vital focus areas of our specialized drug treatment program for professionals. In addition to core inpatient treatment elements, this program includes group sessions with other professionals and individual sessions with a counselor addressing career restoration, licensing and/or monitoring matters, and professional practice and reputation.

Opioid addiction treatment
 An evidence-based treatment program is offered for patients diagnosed with opioid addiction. In addition to special-focus groups and educational sessions, medication-assisted treatment is an option for patients. The immediate goal of this program is to help patients get through the discomfort of opioid withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings. Our ultimate goal is to discontinue medication use and help patients live free from drug abuse.

 Outpatient Oregon Drug and alcohol treatment
Many Rehabs in Oregon offer day treatment program, also called partial hospitalization. Our outpatient program is the most intensive level of outpatient addiction treatment available.
Day treatment is an effective outpatient drug rehabilitation option for men and women who:
• Have experienced chronic relapse
• Struggle with co-occurring mental health disorders such as anxiety or depression
• Have attempted treatment multiple times
Day treatment may also be recommended as an effective next-step program after completing inpatient addiction treatment.


  • Jul 02, 2020

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