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Hello fellow people of earth... this is a writing telling you my opinions on things happing in our world now and things that have been happing for a long time. The first topic is... Pollution so sometimes we don’t mean to but either way we ARE killing our earth. I know there are people trying to prevent this but it’s not enough... We All need to step in and do our part. If you see a piece on trash on the ground pick it up. It’s not that hard. If you have a piece of trash go inside and throw it in the trash or recycling bin. If we all do our part we might have a chance. The next topic is racism... my opinion may be different than yours but all people have different opinions. My opinion on this is I strongly belive that you should now juge people for there skin color. Like there are different colors of the rainbow but they are still colors. 
Hats all the topics I will talk about today... Please be aware of what I have talked about today!!


  • Jul 02, 2020

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