If You Leave Read Count : 47

Category : Poems

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So many feelings for someone
 Who treated me like a game. 
 I was silent when I had
 So many words to say. 

 If you leave, 
Take my breath away with you.
  If you leave, 
Put my heart in your chest to live. 

 So many memories that no longer fit in my soul,
 So many love that no longer fit in my lungs,
 To be able to breathe again 
Without your lungs.

  We always come back from where we left off,
 Take my skin and cover your tender flesh. 
 Look at us, we are two oceans
 That cannot embrace.
  People look at us
 In slow motion and laugh.

  If you leave, 
Snatch my soul and take it with you.
 If you leave, 
Promise me you will be fine. 

 If you leave,
 Take my thoughts with you.
 If you leave, take me baby with you.


  • Jul 02, 2020

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