Lucy~ A Sad Short Scary Story. Read Count : 21

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Horror
                          Chapter 1- 

It was a girl Named Lucy. She lived in USA in Los Angels. She  were 14 years old. 

One day she started in a  new school. When she came into the class room it was some girls laughing at her. She sitted down alone. After the lesson they threw a note on her she decided to read it.. it " said Nerd 🤣 " and they just laughed. They stole her lunch money too. A guy named John that just wanted to say shut up to them but.. He didin't wanna get builled himself so he just decided to be friends with lucy. Lucy were really quiet. He told her that she should just ignore the bullies. But it was really hard for her too ignore them.. After being builled in 2 years she decided to kill herself, she wrote a note to her parents that she love them then she killed herself.. 

                            Chapter 2~

John were on his room and he heard something it was.... Lucy who was a ghost he were shocked she said bullies... And left him. In school her teacher told the students about what happend... The bullies were shocked about what happend.

                    Part 2 is coming soon. Tell me what you think so far!🤗


  • Jul 01, 2020

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