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Yumiko could only sigh and walk-in, right on time as the bell rung when the door closed. "You must be the new student. My name is Ms. Sung. Introduce yourself to the class." The teacher, Ms. Sung said. Yumiko nodded and took a breath before walking to the front of the classroom and speaking. "Hello, my name is Jung Yumiko I'm 19 years old and this is my first year here." The male said doing 90-degree bow.

Small whispers from girls erupted, all talking about how he looks handsome, how they would "totally be dating him soon", and much more. "Alright then Yumiko, you can sit next to Jungkook. Jungkook, raise your hand please." Ms. Sung said. Yumiko nodded and walked over to the boy who raised his hand while his other hand was dancing across the white paper in front of him. After Yumiko sat down, the teacher started teaching again. Within the 20 minutes they were in class, Jungkook didn't even pay attention to the teacher, yet got the questions he was asked correctly.

Meanwhile, Yumiko was staring at the work Jungkook had drawn on his paper. It was mesmerizing and beautifully detailed, the color making it so realistic. The skies sun setting color. The way the light brown trees were three-dimensional and shadowed, to how it looked like the rainbow colored leaves were moving. The way the sun was setting far off in the back and into the clouds. The beautiful flowers by the small wooden house to the right. But what caught the man's eyes, was the little boy sitting in the tall grass, his knees pushed into his chest as his head resting in between them. His jet-black hair swaying to the side as if the wind was blowing through his hair. He was wearing a red hoodie and dark blue jeans. His creamy pale skin complexion reminded Yumiko of his past. He didn't like it one bit. "Hey, are you alright?" A voice said while waving a hand in front of the man's face, thus bringing him back to reality to have him realize a hot liquid on his face.

Tears the man thought. With the sleeve of his shirt, he violently whipped away the tears. "I'm fine." Was all Yumiko said before he quickly asked the teacher if he could go to the bathroom. After the teacher said yes, then he got up and quickly walked his way to the male's bathroom and hid in a stall. "Stupid, stupid!" He said hitting his head against the door. "You're not stupid." A new voice said from the other side. Yumiko sniffled and leaned away from the door. "Leave me alone," Yumiko said. "Not until you tell me why you're upset. Was it my fault?" The other person asked. "Who are you anyway," Yumiko asked. "My name is Jungkook, I was the guy you sat next to," Jungkook answered.

"It's none of your business, Jungkook," Yumiko answered. "But it is my business - and even if it's not, I want to help," Jungkook said leaning his back on the stall door that Yumiko was in. Yumiko stayed silent for a while. After a moment of silence, he leaned his back against the stall as well and spoke. "It all started when I was little when I was five and maybe even younger..." Yumiko told his story to Jungkook, not caring if he knew him or not. He felt comfort from Jungkook, he felt like he could trust him, but he still left out a few parts. When done speaking, there was a thick and awkward silence between the two males. With a loud sigh, Yumiko crawled under the other stalls and ended up in the one next to the door, quickly rushing out.

Meanwhile, Jungkook was staring at the door with wide eyes, not fully realizing what just happened before he bolted up from his spot and ran out. How could my drawing remind him of his past? There was nothing about it that seemed close to it. Jungkook thought. The bell rung, meaning it was the second period. With a sigh, Jungkook went to his next class, Art. Yumiko, on the other hand, was in Language.

Damn it, Hoseok didn't teach me how to speak so well in Korean. He knows I'm from Japan, he knows I'm supposed to lean a lot of Korean before going to school. He was supposed to be teaching me the basics and the harder words, yet he only taught me the basics. I'm going to fail this class.

Yumiko thought as he walked into the classroom. Just like last time, he introduced himself and carried on. "Okay class, today we will be learning how to say a full paragraph in Korean from our History books. Turn to page two-hundred and seventy-three, you will read the fifth paragraph. Joshua, you're first." The teacher, Mr. Yung said. One by one, each student recites the paragraph correctly. That is until it was Yumiko's turn.

"Yumiko, stand up like everyone else and read the paragraph." Mr. Yung said. With hesitation, Yumiko stood up and tried speaking, only getting very few words correct. The class erupted into laughter and his face redden in embarrassment. "Alright, class settle down! Yumiko, after class you stay behind. Namjoon, you stay too." Mr. Yung spoke sternly, as both males nodded. Later, the bell rung, and all the students left the class but the two that were ordered to stay behind. "Yumiko, from what I saw and heard from you today, you're not from Korea, are you?" Mr. Jung asked, to which Yumiko nodded.

"Namjoon, I need you to tutor him every day after school, no matter what you have planned over the weekends, help him and I'll give you extra credit along with raising your lowest grade, and giving you three whole hundreds for the next three tests. Am I understood?" Mr. Yung asked. Namjoon, who smiled stuck out his hand, indicating a deal. "I won't let you down sir." Namjoon, spoke nodding. The teacher gave a small nod and the two males could leave.

"So, when would you want to come over?" Namjoon asked after they left the classroom. "I don't care, it's up to you I guess," Yumiko said stuffing his hands into his pockets. "How about after school, I'll have a couple of friends over though. We were going to hang out after school, but it seems like it'll have to be rearranged a little differently now that we have an extra person coming over." Namjoon said gesturing towards him. "Whatever. Where should we meet up?" Yumiko asked feeling slightly annoyed. "Meet me at the small Bubble Tea shop by our school. You know where that is, right?" Namjoon asked.

Yumiko nodded with a scowl on his face. "Just because I'm not from this area, doesn't mean I don't know this area." He added as he turned away and walked off. Namjoon watched as the other man walked off. Shrugging his shoulders, he walked away as well and went to his next class. After a few more bells, it was soon lunchtime. Everyone sat at their table with their little group of friends and ate happily, talking with one another. Yumiko, on the other hand, was trying to find the canteen, a frown on his face. A low growl leaving his stomach.

"Yeah, I know," Yumiko said grunting in frustration. A sigh of relief left his lips as he spotted a map on the wall of the whole school. Skimming over the large paper, he saw that the lunchroom was outside. "I'd rather go to the roof than in a place full of people, even worse, outside in the sun. Walking through what he remembered, spotted a long stairway going up, a small sign that says rooftop next to it. "Bingo." Was all Yumiko said before walking up the steps and pushed open the door. He immediately squinted his eyes from the bright light shining into his emerald eyes. Looks like some work needs to be done. Yumiko thought with a sigh.

After a few minutes, the roof was spotless, neat, and redone. A leather green couch was in a small corner of the roof, and even though it was old, it was still in good use. There was a small garden near a shed of gardening tools, which was a huge help since he was a vegetarian. He had found some clean wood and power tools and made a small table. Lastly, he tied a large tarp around two poles to keep everything dry when it rains. The bell rung just as Yumiko sat down, making him groan. "I just sat down for Pete's sake!" He yelled standing back up. Ruffling his hair, he went back down the stairs and to his next class, dance.

Walking through the double doors that were next to the GYM, Yumiko spotted four familiar faces. "Class, as some of you might know, this is our new student, Yumiko. Yumiko, it's nice to have you in this class, my name is Ms. Hung. Try to see if you can find some people you might know. Then we can get started with a few dance routines we have been working on." Ms. Hung said. Nodding, Yumiko looked around as if he didn't know anyone. "Yumiko, over here!" A voice yelled out causing the male who was called out face to redden. With quick steps, Yumiko was standing in front of the four familiar faces with a blank face. "Why did you call me?" He asked a little annoyed. "Well, you needed to find people you know, and I know you. So here I am, plus these are my friends, some of them you should know." Hoseok said smiling innocently. "I didn't ask for your help, horse face. I'd rather be partners with the teacher than you." Yumiko said scoffing.

"Alright, now that everyone has their group, I want for you to get into pairs, and practice a random dance. The group with the best choreography and most votes gets to be our opening act in the pumpkin fall festival. Good luck." Ms. Hung said. After everyone was in a group of two, Yumiko sighed seeing who his partner was. "So, this is awkward," Jungkook said, rocking on his heels, his hands stuffed into his pockets. "It'll only be awkward if you make it that way. Let's just get this over with." Yumiko said stretching some. The two worked on their dance, laughing at one another when messing up on the dance at the end and soon, they started goofing off.

"Students, it's time to see what you have done!" Ms. Hung said clapping her hands to get everyone's attention. One by one each group went. "Lastly, we have Jungkook and Yumiko. Please come and show the class what you have done." Ms. hung stated. The two males then went to the center of the dance room and turned on the song they were going to dance to. After the duo was done dancing, loud claps were heard, mixed with cheering as the two were panting with exhaustion.

"Well done boys. It looks like we have a tie in this class. Hoseok and Yoongi, Namjoon and Taehyung, Jungkook and Yumiko, you six will join and compete with my other two classes. If it cannot be chosen of who will be our opening act for the pumpkin fall festival, then you all will be joining each other, into a massive group of talented dancers for an opening and closing act. Go home and practice together. Get good rest and don't overwork yourselves." Ms. Hung said, smiling as the bell rung. "That's all for today! Get plenty of rest and don't forget what I told you!" She added, packing up her stuff in the process. All the students left out the classroom talking with one another. Yumiko ruffled his hair, deep in thought as he walked out the door.

Do I need to work with them? I didn't exactly like working with Jungkook. He was enough to handle, then I live with Hoseok so that's even worse. I'm pretty sure he's going to invite them to our house for practice- meaning they might find out we're siblings! I can't let that happen. I don't want people to know. I don't want what happened before happening again.

Yumiko thought as he walked down the hall. "Hey, Yumiko!" A voice yelled out, yet the man kept walking. "Yah! You think too much, you know that?" The voice asked snapping their fingers in front of the other. Yumiko's eyes widen when pulled from his train of thoughts, almost bumping into a wall in the process. "Huh?" Yumiko asked looking at the person who snapped his fingers. "I was calling your name, but you didn't answer. You okay?" The other figure asked. "O- Oh, yeah I'm fine. Taehyung, right? What did you want to tell me?" Yumiko asked the taller figure.

"I wanted to ask you where we should meet up, you know, to practice our dance," Taehyung said, scratching the back of his neck. "I know this dance studio that I usually dance at, we could all go there," Yumiko stated. Taehyung nodded, smiling a unique, box-like smile to the shorter male. "So uhm, bye now," Yumiko said, turning away and quickly walking off. Meanwhile, Taehyung stood in the same spot, staring at the figure walking off with a small frown on his face.

"He didn't have to leave that quick." He mumbled to himself, just before walking off to his next class. After a few minutes, the bell rung, signaling that class is starting. Yumiko sat down in the back of the classroom, laying his head on the desk while staring out the window, more students piling in and taking their rightful seats in the process.

A small tap was felt on his shoulder, making the male look up to see a girl with raven hair and black eyes. "Hm?" He asked. The girl was playing with the hem of her shirt out of nervousness. "Could you possibly move? That's my seat." She stated, pointing at the seat Yumiko was in. The male slowly nodded and stood up, gesturing for her to sit down, saying a small 'sorry' afterward.

"Alright class, for your questioning gazes on this male, his name is Jung Yumiko, our new student. Yumiko, my name is Mr. Wong, you can sit next to Jimin. Jimin, raise your hand so this young male will know where to sit." Mr. Wong said. A male named Jimin, along with a female both raised their hand. "Right, Park Jimin, the male." Mr. Wong corrected it. The female put her hand down and only one hand was still raised.

Yumiko nodded and sat next to the male, who is now known as Jimin. "Now that everyone has been seated, let's get down to what we've been working on for the last two days. Yumiko since you don't have a partner, join the Jimin beside you. Jimin, I hope you don't mind working with him." Mr. Wong stated before sitting down and taking attendance.

Yumiko looked over to jimin to see if it was okay, while the other male just shrugged his shoulders and waved him to come over. with hesitant steps, yumiko got up and sat next to him. "so, what is it that you're working on?" yumiko asked, an awkward tone lingering in his voice when asking the other. "i'm just drawing a picture of a landscape. it might take a while, but to be honest, i'm glad you're here to help. do you think you could add on to it without changing the meaning and tone to it? i just need a little extra detail to make it look real." jimin asked, tilting his head to the side.

yumiko nodded and looked at the picture, smiling softly seeing how beautiful it looked. "you like to draw, don't you?" yumiko asked, just as he picked up a pencil and joined in on the other male drawing. "yeah, and you're doing pretty good. have you ever drawn before?" jimin asked, smiling a little. yumiko nodded with a small sigh. "i used to draw for my mom and older sister. i was pretty good at it, at least that's what i was told. i got a few scholarships to go around the world." the male stated shrugging his shoulders.

"did you accept any of them, yumiko?" jimin, with wide eyes, asked. the questioned male shook his head, indicating a no. "why not? many people would've loved to see your work." jimin said. "what's the point of doing something i love when my family wouldn't be able to see it?" yumiko asked. "huh?" jimin asked back. "my mom and older sister were in a car accident and didn't survive. my dad committed suicide the day after he found out about their deaths while i was in school. after i got the news, i wasn't the same after.

but i got used to being alone- even though i was in a foster home for kids. but then i was adopted and now i'm here." yumiko said taking a breath after his explanation. "oh, i'm so sorry. i didn't mean it like that." jimin said scratching the back of his neck in embarrassment. "no, it's fine. it was a long time ago anyway. now that we are off that topic, how should we color this?" yumiko asked, straightforwardly.

indicating he didn't want to talk about this subject anymore. nodding and looking at the drawing the two had finished with astonished eyes, jimin thought of what colors to use to make it more realistic, to make it eye-popping, jaw-dropping, heart-meltingly beautiful. with colors in his mind, jimin got up and went to grab all the necessary colors they would need. when done with that, the male went to sit back down and showed Yumiko where everything would go. A smile on both males' faces, they got to work. Once halfway done with the picture, the bell rang, and it was time for lunch. A small but playful frown on Jimin's face. "We were so close! ~" Jimin said while holding out the ose in close. Yumiko chuckled before putting his hands in his pocket.

"We can just finish it tomorrow. No, let's go, I'm hungry." Yumiko said walking out the room. Jimin quickly got his stuff together and ran after the other male that was already far away. "Yah, Yugioh wait up!" Jimin yelled. Yumiko slowed down until stopping and turning towards the male who yelled out his name. Once Jimin finally got there, Yumiko slapped him in the back of his head frowning. "Ow! What was that for?" Jimin said holding the part that was stinging from the slap. "You pronounced my name wrong babo! It's Yumiko, not Yugioh." Yumiko said huffing, making his cheeks puff out, thus making him look younger than he already did. "But you didn't have to hit me that hard.

You didn't even have to hit me at all!" The shorter male said throwing his hands in the air. Yumiko just chuckled and continued walking down the crowded hallway. "So, do you want to sit with me and my friends?" Jimin asked stuffing his hands in his pockets. "Aniyo, I'll sit alone," Yumiko said waving the other male off. "Oh, come on! It'll be fun. Plus, you could use some friends. You look like a loner." Jimin said walking into the cafeteria, with Yumiko following behind.

"I said no. I'd rather look like a loner than have other people around me." Yumiko said firmly. Jimin only nodded and walked to his group of friends while Yumiko walked to a table that was in the far back. "Why isn't Yumiko sitting with us?" Hoseok asked with a mouth full of food. "Swallow first nasty. He said he wanted to be alone." Jimin answered shrugging. The everyone at the table nodded understanding, but a curious look still lingered on their faces.

"Oh, Yumiko and I spoke. He said he knows this dance studio where we could practice." Taehyung said smiling. "Why? We could go our h-" Hoseok quickly cut himself off from spilling the secret. "Our what? What are you talking about Hoseok Hyung?" Jungkook asked. "Yeah, what's going on?" Seokjin asked squinting his eyes. "Nothing!" Hoseok accidentally yelled out and rushed off.

He spotted Yumiko and grabbed him, pulling him to a corner in an empty hallway. Meanwhile, the other members were confused. "What's up with Hoseok Hyung?" Jungkook asked. "I think Yoongi's about to figure that out," Seokjin said pointing towards Yoongi who was walking out the cafeteria.


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