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"Yumiko!" A high-pitched voice yelled. "Yumiko, wake up, wake up! We're going to be late for school!" The voice said again. Yumiko, who was lying in bed, turned the other way and snuggled into the blankets he was under. "Yah! Yumiko if you don't wake up then I am going to tell Hoseok Oppa that you won't get up!" the voice said. That made the man's eyes open wide as he sat up quick. "Yoshi don't you dare!" Yumiko yelled. "Well, get up!" Yoshi yelled, smiling. "You are one evil little sister," Yumiko said. His sister, now known as Yoshi, just giggled and skipped out the room. With a sigh, Yumiko got up and stretched his muscles loosening them up. 

"What a great way to start the day." He said in a sarcastic tone. With a small huff, he walked over to the closet and grabbed a pair of black ripped jeans and a black T-shirt. After taking a shower, Yumiko then put on his black converse and grabbed his phone before heading downstairs. "Hey, Yumiko, nice to see you up!" Hoseok yelled, smiling, as Yumiko came down the stairs. A low grumble came from Yumiko as he walked passed him and into the kitchen. "Awe, don't tell me Yoshi pulled the 'I'm going to tell Hoseok Oppa on your' card again," Hoseok asked laughing.

"Shut up your horse," Yumiko mumbled as he grabbed an apple and took a bite into it. "Well come on, we have to get Yoshi to school," Hoseok said pointing at the pouting girl. "Yah! I can go on my own Oppa, I'm not a baby anymore." Yoshi said stomping her foot. "You might not be, but you sure do act like one," Yumiko said taking another bite from his apple. Yoshi just huffed and walked towards the door. "Then hurry up! School is going to start in 20 minutes and it's a fifteen-minute walk!" She said grabbing her backpack. 

The two males looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders before grabbing their stuff and walked out of the house taking Yoshi to school. Once they were done taking Yoshi to school, the two went to a cafĂ© near their school and got something to eat and drink. "So, how do you feel about your new school?" Hoseok asked. Yumiko just shrugged his shoulders as he drank his drink. "I wouldn't know since I've never seen it or known about it. I'll tell you after my first day, besides, you've been going to that school longer than I have. So, you should know about school more than I do." Yumiko stated pointing at Hoseok. 

Hoseok chuckled nodding. "Yeah, you're right. Do you want me to show you around when you get your schedule?" He asked as the two walked onto the school's grounds. "Nah, I should be fine on my own. Just make sure no one figures out that I'm your stepbrother." Yumiko said taking another sip from his drink. "Oh, come on! We adopted you five years ago and you're still calling me your stepbrother?" Hoseok whined. "Yes, because we're not close like that. You're not my true blood so why would you be my real brother?" Yumiko asked. 

"But you got used to calling Yoshi your little sister, why can't you call me your Hyung?" Hoseok asked. "I don't know, okay? Let's just drop it and get into the building." Yumiko said as he sped up his walking pace. Once Yumiko as out of sight, five other men walked up to him, a few with curious faces. "Who was that Hoseok Hyung?" Jimin, the third youngest asked. "He's the new student." The questioned man answered. "How'd you know we were going to have a new student; the school would always tell us the day before they came. We didn't get an announcement about it." Jungkook, the youngest of the six-spoke. 

Hoseok scratched the back of his head chuckling awkwardly. "Maybe they forgot to tell everyone? Let's not worry about it. Where's Yoongi Hyung?" He said quickly changing the subject. "He's on the second or third floor," Namjoon said as he shrugged his shoulders. "Anyways, we should get going to class, it's about to start. The other five men nodded, and they all went to class. Meanwhile, Yumiko was on the third floor, having trouble finding his class. A loud groan left his lips as he ruffled his sandy orange hair. "I checked all three floors, yet I can't find my class!" The man complained. 

"Why are you yelling like a maniac? So loud." A voice bluntly said from nowhere, causing Yumiko to yelp and look around the empty hallway. "What the hell?" Yumiko said holding a hand over his heart. "You must be new, huh?" the voice asked. Yumiko gulped and nodded still looking around the hallway. Another yelp left his lips as the locker next to him swung open and a pale, tall male, with jet black hair, stepped out. "What?" The unknown man asked. "How did you even fit in there?" Yumiko asked looking inside the locker. "I'm very flexible." Was all he said shrugging his shoulders. "Well, I guess I should be a nice guy and take you to your class." 

He added before grabbing Yumiko's schedule and skimmed over it. "What's your name?" Yumiko asked. "You have Jungkook in your class. Come on so I can get to mine." The male said ignoring Yumiko's question. Yumiko just sighed and followed the mysterious person. After a few turns and going down a flight of stairs, the two were standing in front of a golden door, unlike all the other class doors. "You're lucky to have this classroom, it's hard to get into Law Enforcement. Sit next to a guy named Jungkook, he might help you out if he isn't drawing." The unnamed male said before he turned and started walking away. 

"Oh, and my name isn't important, shorty." He said and turned the corner.

|Honestly the chapter was around five thousand something words. So I'm making my chapters shorter.|


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