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I always tried to be nice,
Even when people didn't treat me good.
I always tried to leave a smile behind,
Even when my eyes were full of blue.

I still care, even if they said,
To try to be like other girls,
Thinking only and speak only
About themselves.

I always tried to help,
Although when I needed help,
They all left.
And I was left alone, helpless in time.

I always tried to understand,
And I find an excuse for people
Who did not understand me,
And hurt me because they didn't care.

  I always tried to avoid problems,
But they followed me until they found me.
I have always tried to treat the world
The way I would like to be treated.

But no matter how good you are,
You cannot always succeed.
Because not everyone is like you are.
Some act weird. 


  • Jun 11, 2020

  • Jun 11, 2020

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