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(The screen opens with Soarah: 18-year-old woman who has long brown hair, wearing a ranger outfit running through the forest along two men: Tenfield:one who has short white hair, and Danny: the other has red hair, both wearing ranger outfit, the screen shows Tenfield has a necklace, Soarah has earrings, and Danny has a ring, all of them are Egyptian objects) 

(Danny, Soarah, and Tenfield are being chased by a void of darkness and escape to the temple)

(Inside the temple, there is a huge hallway, which is where Soarah, Danny, and Tenfield is trying to avoid all the traps)

(The screen switches to Soarah destroying  the Labyrinth wall)

Danny (tired): We made it.

Soarah: True, but there's still (points to a statue) that

Tenfield: Right, this is where we give up our objects.

Soarah (touches her earrings with a sad look): I've gotten so used to having this power, it feels kinda sad not to have it.

A voice (echoes): You don't have to give them up

Danny (concerned): Who said that?

A voice: A friend, Unfortunately I don't have the strength to present myself to you.

Soarah: Then, how do we know we can trust you

A voice: Doesn't the young boy's necklace tell you?

(All the kid's eyes widened)

Tenfield: That's true (closes his eyes as the necklace glows) It's telling the truth there is another way.

Soarah: What is it?

Tenfield: You have to confess your feelings

Soarah: Feelings, what is this a fairytale.

Tenfield: Not you? I mean Danny.

Danny (eyes widened): You don't mean.

Tenfield: Only between the people that possess the items, can this work.

Danny (blushed): No way! (Turns his head)

Tenfield: The hag forgot to tell us that if we give up the items we will die.

Soarah (surprised): Die! 

Tenfield: Yup, Die.

Danny (angry): Why that! (Looks at Tenfield) You can't be serious.

Tenfield (blushes with his arms folded): I don't kid about these things.

Danny (heart beats) (backs up): But.

(The screen shows the walls get closer)

Soarah (pushing the wall): It's another trap

Tenfield: You have to do it.

Danny (shakes his head): No way!

Soarah: You idiot!  if you don't do it, we're going to die.

Tenfield: Just do it.

Danny: But...I've never

Tenfield: Neither have I, just do it.

Danny: Fine! (walks carefully to Tenfield)

(Tenfield smiles)

Danny: I hate you!

Tenfield: I know.

(Danny kisses Tenfield on the field, as Soarah is pulling the wall, it looks as if the wall are going to flatten them, then it stops)

Soarah: I thought you have to kiss on the lips.

Danny (angrily looks at Soarah): As if I kiss him on the lips (blush with his arms folded)

Tenfield (thought) (smiles): True, there's no way he could do that.

Danny (points to the glowing door): Let's go.

(Tenfield, Danny and Soarah walk to the glowing door)

Soarah: Do you think we will be going on adventures like this every time?

Tenfield (smiles): That's a secret

(Soarah and Danny gasp)

Soarah: What do you mean secret?

Danny: You better answer that question.

(Danny and Soarah talk to Tenfield angrily as the walk into the glowing door)

A voice: Cut.

(Bell rings)

(The screen shows a megaphone, then shows a man who has short purple hair in a ponytail with two blue streaks in the front, wearing a white shirt with a red tie, and blue pants with his legs crossed)

Tenfield (looking excited): How did we do?

A man: Fantastic, Tenfield you definitely made me believe that you were an almost emotionless person.

Tenfield: Thank you

(Soarah drinks some lemonade)

Soarah: I felt like I was literally playing myself.

Danny: That's because you were (Drinks some water)

Soarah (looking angry): Why you?

(Soarah and Danny run around the place)

The man: Those two are crazy

(The ground shakes)

Soarah: Whoa! What was that?

Danny: I don't know.

(They all look at the ceiling and see all rumble come down)

(The screen switches to Cameron being sucked by a portal)

(The portal looks like space and an electric field hits Cameron, making him scream)

(The episode ends with The ceiling open up, the portal is shown, then Cameron falls and lands on the floor)


  • Jun 10, 2020

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