Kanisha And The Nature Spirit Chapter 3 Read Count : 20

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Fantasy

Kanisha looks at Yuro for one second, then jumps from tree to tree like a monkey, and lands by Yuro.

All the trees come down.

Yuro looks shocked.

"Wait, before you judge", I said.

The trees turn into dark spirits and disappear.

"How dare they try to use a tree as a disguise?" asked Yuro, with red eyes.

Yuro escapes out of his potato body, then flies through and I follow him.

"You sense more", I smiled.

"Of course, I am the nature spirit", said Yuro.

I started flying, and says "Your soul will be fine with me".

"Can you read my expressions?" asked Yuro.

"I can, also you realize your body has been destroyed", I told Yuro.

"I know, which is why I want to ask you to make a new body after I destroy these enemies", said Yuro.

Yuro and I see a bunch of spirits flying around.

"Surround my body, so you don't get vaporized", I said.

"Got it", said Yuro.

Yuro attach to me, then I fly to the dark spirits.

The dark spirits come after us.

"You were a fool to come to us", said the dark spirit.

I grabbed the dark spirit, then it disappeared.

"You are the fools", I said, with an evil look on my face.

Yuro lights up, a tree with a white aura hits all the dark spirits.

"We are not the only spirits", said One of the spirits that disappears.

I smiled, and says "Yes, you are".

The tree spread all over and destroyed all the evil spirits.

"No, my body", said Yuro.

"Fine", I said, then put Yuro in a magic bubble. "Just relax here".

My body glows white aura and another body appears.

My body stops glowing, I throw Yuro into the new body.

The body shows short spiky green hair, white skin, brown eyes, wearing a brown jacket with fur, black shirt, blue jeans, and white shoes.

Yuro feels his new body, and says "How did you do this?"

I drink some fruit wine, and says "You asked for a body and I gave it to you".

"But, I thought it would take you longer", said Yuro.

I laughed, and says, "Who do you think I am? I mean you did call me goddess".

"True, I'm sorry my goddess, I shouldn't have doubted your power", said Yuro.

I whisper in Yuro's ear and says "It's okay, and I like this body better".

Yuro blushed.

"Let's go", I said, as I walked.

"Wait! For me", said Yuro, running after me.

I take Yuro's hand, then the wind surrounds us, and we disappear.


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