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The cover of a book

 I have always been that book
 That went through a lot of dirty minds,
 But no one had time to read me,
 From the last page till the first word. 

I was always judged by the appearance
 And they thought, that I was just
 Like ther books, collected 
From the cheapest place. 

I was thrown into a corner
 and they wanted to erase the value I had
By throwing into the burning flame. 

They then turned their attention 
To other books with a more attractive appearance, 
Because at school, no one learns 
That beauty comes in different forms. 

I lost my confidence when someone says it's different, 
When their actions go the other way, 
But the book will not lose its value
 in front of illiterates. 

I will be reborn from the ashes, 
Because the story of my life book must be written by my hands.


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