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You tell me I don't care, 
Because I'm still thinking about her.  
You tell me I'm not giving you love,
 Because my heart is constantly bleeding.  

You tell me you want to go too, 
And I froze in front of the mirror. 
 I'm telling myself:" I'll be fine."
 Oh, damn it... I'm feeling so tired... 

You'll leave like all the loves before you,
 And I'll cry with tears of blood.  
You will leave too, 
And I will remain completely blind.  

You tell me I didn't love you enough,
 But I gave you more love than I had for myself. 
 You tell me I don't care, 
But my hands got cold, because I warmed yours. 

 If you want to leave,
 Close the door behind you. 
 I want to be alone, 
Without loving again soon.


  • Jun 10, 2020

  • Moguurlwithreal Mabasa

    Moguurlwithreal Mabasa

    nyc poem ❤

    Jun 10, 2020

  • Jun 10, 2020

  • Jun 10, 2020

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