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Stared at her for little while. Gone back to talking about boy stuff waiting for our food in the kitchen line of Middle School.😇

What kind of salad dressing you want? " The lunch lady asked me. I want regular ranch, so said. Typed in my lunch number an wanted for what'd I requested. Here you go Poppy. " Thank you. " Walked over to our table. Tore up my food watching my favorite my videos on YouTube. Turned around an saw that girl. That girl was right behind us. Talking an eating at the same time. Here came my pals. With there food they choose of there choice. We all talking literally  anything besides school. My heart raced, thinking about my next move wss. What we going to be? Was this the end? Will I just flake it off? Giving up? I was half through my food and it was almost time to go. I'd told myself it was now or never. Got up. Walked near her. Tapped her on the shoulder. When she turned around to ask Yes? I almost froze on my own tracks. Seeing her for the first time in ever so close face to face the first time. I'd swallowed my own spit. Just got it out while I could. Hi, Elba this present is for you and I love you. " Lead my arm to reach her hands with the gifts inside. Waited for her reaction. Everyone next to her at the table drying to peek inside what O given her in that hot pink present. She gasped at what was inside. Pulled some of the stuff out. Looked really charmed. I turned to my left seeing my friends throwing thumbs up an jumping a little up an down in there sit excited. Tuned back around. See her finger telling to come closer. All I did. Oooooooohhh snap Poppppppy! Got a girlfriend!! "I paid them no mind. Continued on. I been hugged tight by her arms for the first time. I hugged her. Thank you Poppy, your so kind." Your welcome Elba. I said. Sure, I'll be your girlfriend. She got up. We going to do something but the ringer rang an we all got to exist the doors to our next block. See you soon, Poppy. You too! Did you get the number? " asked Tyler. Shut up. He laughed with my other friends throwing out out trash away going to our next back elctions. Snack Break In Class. It was a time of day we take a break an eat snacks for awhile from school work or any activities. It was our thing in Special Ed we do most of the time.We go outside eat an play the have fun with each other. Get to know each others better, before we reach to a point where were never going to see each other again. Brings tears to my eyes. I told you wasn't no chicken whatsoever. " Well, whatever Poppy. You didn't get kissed through. Why would he? Girls got the cutties like Nicholas new girlfriend in this year Nicollet! " Ewww, yea. " We laughed that off. She overherd it telling Austin the shut up. Getting Nichols to come over here growling at him for saying that. Be nice guys, come on. The teacher says. We been on my case for awhile. Finally changing the subject of the new resident evil for ps4 coming out of the time being. How cool or her it is. Wondering which one of our favorite Youtubers was going to post it of them playing it first. Few days later: Being waved an smiled by her warms my heart on fire. And eyes on her until O could not see her no more. It awesome. Kept me on my toes doing school my focus then ever. A hot girl doesn't like a foolish dumb boyfriend I'm sure of. Keeping her love O have for her away for little to focus on my school education was the best I could do for now. New year, New day: How was Christmas Poppy? " My friend Austin asked me. It was fun, bro. " I got a new phone what!? " Hey, me too. " We set our devices on our tables of each others. Taking turns swapping to check ones out. His was big. Mine was too, but different internet provider's we can try to see how it defines from one an other. The classroom was filled with people out own grade all occupied in one classroom of a eigth grader teacher. I heard the door open an was expecting Solo my friend who loves playing GTA. To play a little of his new Ipohne he snapshots me in over the break SMS text message. But it wasn't. It was some one who smelld of sweet fragrance of flowers perfume. It walked in up Elba Diaz. It as her. She was in this class with us too? Eh, who cares. She wouldn't seat by us anyway. I went on with Austin. Once, I heard a chair move next time pulled out, an already say on. My heart pumped an eyes wide open. Moved nothing. Hello babe, how was your week break? I can't wait to hear yours before I tell you mine. To be continued.


  • Jun 09, 2020

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    Jun 10, 2020

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